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Singer. Songwriter. Musician



I have been singing my entire life. 

As a soloist and in ensembles. I play the piano, guitar and harmonica. I read music and tab.

I write lyrics, melodies and harmonies. 

I sing jingles, demos, backgrounds...


Bands- Houseboat, The Headliners, Van Hunt, Flatbed and Maki.


Shared the stage with Cracker, Robbin Thomspson, Dionne Gipson...


Opened for Dionne Farris, Outkast, Goodie Mob, The Floyds, The Hackensaw Boys, Cracker...


Recorded vocals for Cracker, Robbin Thompson, Thunderegg, Tarrant...


Currently, I am honored to be included in Soundtracks of a Generation's tribute shows, Stitely Entertainment's Chicago Groove Collective and Elephant Mouse & Wholehearted Production's AMY! AMY! AMY! 

A celebration of Amy Winehouse.

I am open to any opportunity that allows me to create, collaborate or perform. 


Vocal samples available upon request.



photo credit: Skip Rowland
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